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I Hear A Symphony - A. Galué and W. Madrigal

This is my second time curating a show with Alonso, whose work I like very much. He is a powerhouse, and he is only getting started. Wendy Madrigal is also a creative force, and I look forward to getting to know her work more fully.

You can see images from the show on the Elastic Arts website.

Alonso Galué is a Venezuelan artist running from a corrupted system building narratives through total installations using experimental materials. He creates drawings and sculptures that address labor, totalitarianism, mental health, and immigration. He creates immersive experiences by expanding on his classical training in painting and sculpture, using inexpensive materials to highlight the abilities of low-income to create meaningful work. Alonso does not aspire to make his art beautiful, but rather to be on-going investigations that respond to the human condition. His artworks are portraits of humanity; like life, the objects age, disappear, or dissolve. We die, so the work should die too.