Artist Statement

Before anything, I am a storyteller. My current focus on puppetry and kinetic sculpture has grown out of a practice encompassing comics, video, and public murals. I bring the audience into a narrative that encourages them to consider their own story, and to continue writing it themselves.

It is important to me that my work is readily accessible, in multiple printed books, or in a public space. My nascent theatrical work is accessible to all ages. I want people to see my work as part of their everyday lives.

My mediums are fluid, changing with the requirements of each piece. I often combine hand crafted and digitally created elements. Video projection or basic robotics exist comfortably alongside handmade sketches, reclaimed cardboard, and found objects.

I build worlds with seams that are easily visible. I see reality as an ever-changing construct. My guiding belief is that we have largely created the world we live in, and we can choose to create something else if we dare.