Artist Statement

I am a storyteller working in multiple mediums. My current focus on puppetry and kinetic sculpture has grown out of a practice encompassing murals, comics, video, and collage. In 2017, I co-founded Agitator Artist Collective, and since then curation has also become a crucial element of my practice.

All of my work revolves somehow around the idea of home. I examine the physical structure of home itself, the community that makes home feel safe, and perceived threats to the idea of home. For me, home is not necessarily the place from which you originate. It is a place you build. My regular art practice takes place at Agitator, a creative home that I have built with other artists.

It is important to me that my work is readily accessible to the public. I want my work printed and in the hands of the viewer, or in a public space where people don’t have to pay to see it. I want people to read books next to my work, stare at it while thinking of other things, have a picnic nearby. I want it to get rained on, I want pigeons to land on it and do what pigeons do. I want people to be able to absorb my work in the midst of their own lives, to have time to think things about and because of it.

My developing installation practice sees mediums as fluid, changing with the requirements of each piece. I often combine hand crafted and digitally created elements. As digital tools become more prominent, I am increasingly drawn toward deliberately imperfect objects. In all of my work, I build worlds with seams that are easily visible.

I see reality as an ever-changing construct. My guiding belief is that we have largely created the world we live in, the world that is our home. We can choose to create something else if we dare.