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Agitator Comics! Volume 3
Agitator Comics! Volume 3

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Curatorial Statement
October 2022

Agitator Comics! began as a pandemic project. Agitator Gallery left its previous space in September of 2020; and for two years we focused on pop ups, virtual exhibitions, and printed publications. There was so much interest in the first call for entries, we printed two volumes of comics in 2021.

I conceived Agitator Comics! as an open-call, open theme publication. This approach recalls the independent compilations of the 90s, where you could see a wild range of artists presenting stories on just about anything. As with all my curation, Agitator Comics! puts experienced artists alongside newcomers, and everyone elevates each other.

In 2022, Agitator’s new, larger space is allowing us to expand our vision of exhibitions, programming, publications, and more. For Volume 3, book designer and new Agitator member Alex Wilson has created a unique, handcrafted paperback. We’re all excited to bring this ongoing compilation series into the world of Book Arts.

Welcome to Volume 3. We are just getting started.

Gretchen Hasse
Interdisciplinary Artist and Agitator Cofounder
Curator, Agitator Comics!

All work copyright of the artist(s)
Cover Art by Anna Mielniczuk
Edited by Gretchen Hasse
Book Design and Production by Alex Wilson
Agitator Comics! Volume 3, October 2022