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Agitator Comics! Volumes 1 and 2
Agitator Comics! Volumes 1 and 2

See both issues of Agitator Comics! at the Agitator website.

Agitator stepped into comics publishing in 2021, with two thick zines of work from all over Chicago and beyond. We are eager to continue offering a wide variety of comics work in the future.

Volume 1 includes work by Sean Mac, Ash H.G., Carlos Luis Sanchez Becerra, Donna Kubica, Sonali Kolhatkar, Jay Dearien, Michael Abcede, C Trevor Manika, and Gretchen Hasse.

Volume 2 includes work by Ernest J. Ramon, James Mosher, Edgar Reynoso, Archangelo Crelencia, Christina Hirko, Andrew Vickers, Río Beltrán, Luna Rail, Pascal Saint-Clair, and Lauren Hennessy.