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Marktown is Earthalujahville!

This was a difficult video to edit, because the facts presented here are so dire. I am honored to be a part of the environmental education efforts put forth by Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir.

Quoted from the Billy Talen Youtube Page:

"Marktown is a historic low-income workers village on the frontline of the dirtiest and most damaging form of fossil fuels - The Tar Sands. And although it is considered a national treasure by architects and labor historians and is on the national registrar of historic places, this distinction and its importance to our culture is not enough to defend it against the overwhelming wealth, greed and political power of the oil industry.

This fight is "Save Marktown" is probably the most asymmetrical battle in our county today, between low-income workers trying to save their homes against the threat of the fossil fuel industry, wealthiest industry in human history.

Will we allow a 100-year-old historic workers village designed as a garden city to be torn down completely for BP's near-term profits?"