Gretchen Hasse
I am a visual storyteller.

My inspiration includes travel journals, videos that I produce for social justice groups, and life lessons that take a really long time to learn.

In a cultural moment that prizes digital perfection, an imperfect aesthetic feels more authentic to me. I draw comics with ballpoint pen, and digitally collage them with photographs and clip art. I build cardboard props and create makeshift effects for my videos and animation. I collage my old drawings, torn up paintings and trash. The resulting images show their seams pretty clearly, but that’s how life looks to me.

I pursue my practice in a big, old house that I share with ten housemates. People from all over the world have lived in our co-op, and we constantly re-negotiate how each of us understands the concept of “home.” My practice thrives here.

I think that all of us on this planet are currently re-negotiating our concept of "home." I am trying to learn from what everyone has to say.