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For three decades, I lived with significant physical pain and limited mobility. I planned all my movements in order to avoid pain or injury. Over time, my imagination became limited too. I have always known that I would need brutal surgery, where they tear you apart and put you back together with metal, so you’re a little closer to being a robot. In 2018, I had both my knees replaced. I am part titanium now. My sense of distance has expanded; my imagination has too.

Waking Giants grew out of this long experience.

This piece will manifest in a larger than life, motion sensitive, animatronic figurative sculpture. It is a yearlong project with three components: a six month learning period in Chicago, a two month experimental period at a residency in Portugal, and a four month period dedicated to planning and executing a Chicago-based installation.

Over the course of 2022, I am sharing regular short videos that document my learning and creative process. I especially want to show the joy of learning an entirely new field. These videos will ultimately be part of a mini-documentary.