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Agitator Comics! Volume 4
Agitator Comics! Volume 4

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Curatorial Statement
January 2024

In 2023, I was honored to attend a comics residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. I met artists and authors ranging from dedicated amateur to seasoned, award-winning professional. For all of us, the magic is achieved in the same way: The Seat of the Pants to the Seat of the Chair.

This year, I start work on a graphic novel about my own experience living with a chronic health condition in a country that doesn’t understand what it means to take care of people. The story is pretty painful at times, and I know it’s going to be rough work to get through it. It’s also an absurd story, occasionally even hilarious. I can’t think of a better way to tell it than through comics.

Comics are a visceral art form. They are writing and art fused into another medium. Sometimes, they are the best way to communicate.

Gretchen Hasse
Interdisciplinary Artist and Agitator Co-founder
Editor, Agitator Comics!

All work copyright © of the artist(s)
Cover Art by Ash H.G.
Edited by Gretchen Hasse
Book Design and Production by Alex Wilson
Agitator Comics! Volume 4, January 2024