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Dahlia Hears a Sound Outside the Cave
Dahlia Hears a Sound Outside the Cave
Cardboard, Tissue Paper, Video, Puck Lights
10 ‘ h x 12’ w x 10’ d

I created The Thing With Wings as part of the of the Chicago International Puppet Theater's 2022 - 2023 Puppet Lab cohort.

The Thing With Wings is a meditation on deep past and deep future. An expectant dinosaur mother caresses her egg in the moments before the meteor hits. Petrified remnants of this moment are discovered by an archaeologist, who is joined by a bluebird, distant descendant of the unlucky mother. She has her offspring after all.

Writer / Director / Puppet Fabricator: Gretchen Hasse
Performer / Puppet Fabricator: Alonso Galué
Performer / Puppet Fabricator: Wendy Madrigal

This piece is a work in progress for a full length production.

Photo by Loren Toney / Chicago Puppet Lab