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The Hole Story - Sullivan For 11th Ward Alderman

In 2015, I shot this promotional video for the 11th Ward Aldermanic campaign of Maureen Sullivan, longtime southside resident, arts advocate, author, community organizer and progressive. Maureen was running against a member of the Daley family.

The video was conceived, directed and edited by Rob Warmowski, founder of South Loop Digital.

From the youtube page:

"We all know it: the state of the pavement on 11th Ward streets is terrible. And the responsibility lies with the Ward office on 37th and Halsted where Patrick Daley Thompson has his desk.

Worse, we pay through the nose for these potholes twice – first in ever-increasing property tax on our homes (or in heightened rent payments), then once more when we need to pay mechanic bills for work on our cars due to the constant smashing and bashing of our wheels.

While I’m a big fan and supporter of Jay and Don over at Herman’s Quality Service in Canaryville, I don’t want to see them more than I have to for wheel alignment, struts, shocks, etc.

When elected Alderman, I will address head-on the problem of our bad street and viaduct conditions. You can tell I will because the 11th Ward’s most effective activist for viaducts, Dr. Michelle Fennessy, is a supporter of mine. Michelle and I share an interventionist outlook on the street problems our ward faces and we do not let gridlock stop us from getting results.

The problem is about service. You have seen me serving our community for ten years.

I will only step it up — and fix our streets — when elected Alderman."