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Broken Records by Snezana Zabic
Cover Illustration for "Broken Records," by Snezana Zabic.
Ink Drawing Collaged with Electronic Images

In 2012, my friend Snezana Zabic asked me to create illustrations for Broken Records, a personal account of her teenage years during the Yugoslav Wars.

About the book, she says:

"I realized—reluctantly, because I didn’t want to relive the past—that I had to write about what had happened and what was lost. There is a large body of literature devoted to the subject of Yugoslavia, its history, its breakup, its war and its successor-states’ post-war troubles. Some of those accounts are inaccurate, interpreting the wars as the result of some ancient ethnic hatred, claiming that there is something inherent to the culture “there” that makes people take up arms.

This is also the most enduring ugly stereotype about Yugoslavia and the Balkans. There are many books successfully debunking this myth and offering more truthful accounts. But rarely does a book come out that describes how it felt to be a regular teenager and a refugee during the breakup of Yugoslavia and the ensuing wars; indeed, I found none. Therefore I had to write it.”

You can order a copy of Broken Records at Punctum Books.